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Community Building/Fire Station 1
4197 River Rd.
Rhinelander, WI 54501

Town Shop
4125 River Rd.
Rhinelander, WI 54501

Fire Station 2
4222 County C
Rhinelander, WI 54501



Pine Lake Ordinances

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the 2022 Comprehensive Plan

Amended Ordinance No. 4 Restrictive Parking on Town Highways and Road Right-of-Ways

Alcohol Control Ordinance.pdf

Animal Ordinance #2.pdf

Assign Town Road Names Ord. #10.pdf

ATV-UTV Ordinance.pdf

Boating Regulation Ordinance.pdf

Confidentiality of Income and Expenses Provided to Assessor for Assessment Purposes Ord #00-01.pdf

Constable Jurisdiction and Duties.pdf

Dogs Running At Large.pdf

Driveway Ordinance #00-03.pdf

Emergency Address Identification and Sign Placement Ordinance #17-02.pdf

Emergency Government Ordinance Between County of Oneida and Town of Pine Lake Ord. #11.pdf

Firearms, Fireworks, Explosives Ordinance #8.pdf

Fire Department Authorization
To Hold Volunteer Funds Ordinance.pdf

Increase Size of Board to Five Members Ord #98-1.pdf


Minimum Highway Design Standards Ord.pdf

Plan Commission Ordinance #01-01.pdf

Prohibition Against the Deposit of Snow onto Town Roads Ord #96-1.pdf

Public Nuisances Ord. #5.pdf

Public Records Policy

Records Retention and Disposal Ord #01-02.pdf

Schedule of Fees and Fines/Penalties

Snowmobile Route Ordinance.pdf

Snowmobile Access Ordinance.pdf

Split Shifts for Election Officials.pdf

Town Road Speed Zone Ordinance.pdf

Village Powers.pdf

Waste Management and Recycling Ordinance No. 08-02

WI Uniform Dwelling Code #99-02.pdf


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